TRANSFORMING DODECAGON V2.0 - 2014/10/25 - Sound Bombin' + Urban Up - Busan

TRANSFORMING DODECAGON V2.0 - 2014/12/29 - Young Architects Forum [URBAN MANIFESTO 2024] - Seoul


transforming new-media structure for trans-media performances in spontaneous urban areas

This mobile structure is devised to create guerrilla performance stages in diverse urban conditions. Rooftop, empty lot, street or parking space, any place in the city can turn into interactive stages.

This structure is consisted of 12 walls, 3 lighting walls and 9 reflective walls, which can rotate 180 degrees. 36 reflective doors which also can rotate 180 degrees are installed. The entire structure is on 48 wheels and connected with 22 hinges; the structure can be easily moved with one hand. Also it can divided into 12 parts during move, therefore it can be separated according to the size of transportation means.

Interactive architecture lighting system is applied to 3 lighting walls. According to the program of performance, this façade is customized by computer programming. The reflective surfaces of structure are disposed to optimize the presence of this programmed lighting. Flexibility of light exposure plans can be created using these surfaces with rotatable joints. These surfaces reflect not only the lightings but also the surroundings and performances, therefore each stage can have distinctive presence.

This Transforming Dodecagon V2.0 has presented three performances in two cities, Seoul and Busan which are located in 400km distance. Participant, size, program, time and budget has changed substantially, however the structure has reacted flexibly.

October 18th in 2014, 1/4 of Transforming Dodecagon V2.0 is separated and programmed as a mobile interactive audio-visual structure for music party ARTKLOOP Vol.2 in BUSAN. 

October 25th in 2014, 1/2 of Transforming Dodecagon V2.0 is separated and reprogrammed for another local party Sound Bombin’ + Urban Up in Busan. 

December 29th in 2014, entire Transforming Dodecagon is gathered and reprogrammed for opening stage of Young Architects Forum’s [URBAN MANIFESTO 2024] in Seoul.


devised by IVAAIU City Planning /

photographic documentation by Young moon [October 18th]

photographic documentation by Limso [October 25th]