transforming structure for trans-media performance by

JAZOO YANG for painting, LIGHTIZM for visual mapping, TSCHAAN and VIGOROUS VLACK for electronic music and IVAAIU for architecture.


This structure is devised by IVAAIU City Planning to create the space with maximum possibility of creativity.

1 structure is consisted of 12 walls which can rotate 180 degrees and 48 doors with canvases which also can rotate 180 degrees.

The structure itself is on wheels and connected with hinges; each artist can move the wall, door and entire structure easily with own hand.


September 27th in 2014, at the opening show of MOVING TRIENNALE BUSAN 2014, this structure is operated by the artists. Jazoo Yang was the operator of the structure, she moved the structure, painted on the wall, opened and closed the door. According to the movement of walls, doors, paintings and the structure, Lightizm mapped the interactive visual on the moving surfaces of the structure. DJ Tschaan and Vigorous Vlack created the audio sources for interactive audio-visual mapping. Every movement of the artists interacts with each other’s.


Afterwards, this dodecagon structure is divided to several mobile structures and travel multiple exhibition and performance venues of MOVING TRIENNALE BUSAN 2014, and support various urban creatives in Busan city. 

devised by IVAAIU City Planning /

photographic and video graphic documentation by Limso [September 27th]