Plaza de Santa Ana is a square surrounded by small scale buildings and narrow roads which naturally creates an isolated but contemplative space at the same time.

This design proposal aims to deal with both of these characteristics of the plaza by making a connectivity to surrounding environment, but at the same time keeping a contemplative spatial experience. This plan is an implicit gesture rather than a direct intervention. A new experiential and visual axis gives people a certain clue of connectivity between Calle Herrerías and Calle Marqués de San Nicolás, however it does not directly connect these two roads but makes people to stay inside of it and has an introspective experience within a wooden structure inspired by historic heritages around. This wooden hallway is inspired by the gothic architecture such as Parroquia de San Bartolomé and Iglesia de Santa María de Palacio which are located nearby. The structural reinterpretation has made to bring cityscape into the square.

Red Aisle has a red stained glass at the north end of the wooden structure. When a pedestrian walks through a repetitive wooden columns meditatively, This visual symbol is awaiting to provide a spiritual experience. therefore he or she can experience a calm and safe state of mind in the space. and the hallway is connected to surrounding benches to make people continue their inner thoughts.

During the daytime, the red shade from the stained glass drops on the wall of Iglesia de Santa María de Palacio and on Calle Marqués de San Nicolás to lead people to the square.

Red Aisle is an open structure without closings, so it can interacts with the surrounding townscape both structurally and visually. Kids can run around the structure and experience the dynamic change of cityscape through a hallway.

The ideal of this plan is a personal and spiritual experience in a public space with the understanding of virtue of embracing past, present and future at the same time and having a new imagination.


Design: IVAAIU CITY [Yangho Shin, Hancheol So, Sung-su Park, Jinsik Moon, Donguk Agos Lee]