Light-architecture: Urban Intervention Planning


One of construction patterns in Seoul is [Nomadic Construction], a fast construction and demolition pattern of interior space done by short term store tenants. Due to several reasons, including short term rent period and fastly changing tastes of customers, this nomadic constructions has been increasing steadily.

However, in Seoul, there is a lack of proper category of construction system to respond this urban pattern. In general, construction system in Seoul divides into three categories; newly built - renovation - interior. The smallest construction typology is interior construction which is still heavy to respond to the nomadic pattern. The size and budget of construction is relatively big and construction speed is slow.

To devise a solution for this phenomenon in Seoul, new construction category is proposed, [intervention]. This construction system aims to create light-architectures which has less budget, size and construction period than other systems and to react to fast construction patterns.

In this plan, [light-architecture] did test construction by two constructors using two rubber hammers. Every structure component is devised as easy self-assembly structure; therefore a builder can assemble, move and recycle a structure easily.

The bakery in Suyudong, Seoul is the first actual construction and it takes less than a week of construction. The project is in research and development phase for next application with Eloquence magazine, the co-developer.


Architecture plan: IVAAIU City Planning [Donguk Agos Lee, Hyunjeong Noh, Gwon Hong, Sangchul Nam]

Co-Development: Eloquence Magazine

Photographic documentation: Limso