[crossing dimensions of time]

IVAAIU City Planning

[Crossing dimensions of time] is a pavilion for outdoor photo exhibitions which is built in the middle of Seodaemun Independence Park in Seoul.

Photography is a medium that can record divergent points of time. Design of this pavilion aims to emphasize this attribute of media. Walls of pavilion are mainly divided into two parts and create a narrow path between them. Each wall has photographs that is pictured in different time compared to those in the other wall. When people walk through narrow paths of pavilion, they located in between two timelines.

Surfaces have disparate transparencies. Pictures on transparent surfaces show the pictures in the rear of itself at the same time. According to the changes of transparencies, the exhibitions of timelines can be altered dramatically. Also altering transparency make people to focus to exhibition alternately with nature along walk.

The formation of structure is created to exist in between the original natural condition of the park. Rather than disturbing the nature, the plan chooses to locate among tree canopies. It aims to give physical form to one of arbitrary roads in forest.

During night, an interactive lighting system cross-enlightens pictures on the walls according to the movement of visitors and emphasizes the crossing of dimensions of time.


architect: IVAAIU City Planning[Donguk Agos Lee, Hyunjeong Noh, Hancheol So, Sangchul Nam]

client: Seoul Metropolitan Government

organizer: Seoul Photo Festival

photography: Limso