Borderline XXI


architecture plan for linear urban territory located between finite territory programmed by urban codes and transfinite territory programmed by natural orders


For embracing the great contrast between urban grid and natural order, inter-finite structure which deconstructs half of a structure is devised. One half structure is intact solid for keeping the urban lifestyle of residents, and the other half is deconstructed for linking two distinct orders of urban and nature environment.


Five types of inter-finite structure are devised.

A. Shredding Surfaces: visual and environment mediator between living space and nature environment

B. Penetration Axis: linear tunnel through a building which conveys nature through living space

C. Deconstructed Axis: compound complex structure which provides creative play space in nature aligned with the penetration axis

D. Half-opened public zone: living zone with half-degree of public intimacy in nature

E. Half-closed private zone: living zone with half-degree of privacy in nature


Aligned with this concept of inter-finity, conceptualized audio and visual object is produced and mapped on the architecture.


architect: IVAAIU City Planning

architect team: Donguk Agos Lee, Hyunjeong Noh, Sangchul Nam, Hancheol So, Gwon Hong

ivas: shinnamjeongi(Sangchul Nam, Kyubin Shin)

visual: shinnamjeongi

audio: eexxppoann

photography: TJ Choe

client: Sungmen Kim

construction type: architecture renovation

location: Suyudong, Gangbukgu, Seoul