Creator’s Barricade for temporary takeover of urban territory: Busandae boulevard

September 19th 2014, Busan, Republic of Korea


Architecture is medium for empowering humanity.

Subject of power has been diverse; from a monarch to large public. This time the subject of power is large public in Busan city.


Creators’ Barricade is planned to create an open music stage for Zero Festival; which aims to share music with diverse and unexpected public in the city.


Barricade structure is designed to control the movement in city; cars cannot interrupt the internal area where barricade structures stood. Affordable and firm two-by-four hardwoods and steel structural ties have used as main materials.

Interactive lighting system is implanted to send signals to intrigue pedestrians into the movement area and to create interactive light to share music with public effectively. LED lights, controllers and visual programming have applied for this system.

Module system is devised to create more chances of applications. This structure does not designed for one-time. Every component can be differently disposed according to distinguished urban environments and create new temporary sector in each area.


September 19th in 2014, Creators’ Barricade had gradually installed on four lane streets, the Busan boulevard. As the accumulation of modular structure had enlarged, the territory had expanded. No car interrupted the territory because of the barricade structures. Than interactive system installed and intrigued pedestrians into the territory. Lastly musicians stood on the stage, started their music and gathered large group of public. For this one night, Busandae boulevard had owned by the large number of citizens of Busan


created by IVAAIU City Planning[Donguk Agos Lee, Sangchul Nam, Gwon Hong, Hyunjeong Noh]