In 1909, a new plan for Chicago was proposed by Daniel Burnham and Edward H. Bennett. Certain portions of the city is built according to Burnham’s proposal. A hundred years have passed since then, and the difference of adaptation has brought drastic difference of cultural vitality. Two sides of urban culture strongly coincided with the realization ratio of plan. A new public monument with the intention of bringing back the Burnham’s idea is planned. A physical frame with five axes reflects the data of current imbalanced urban development in Chicago. On this frame, interactive louver structure is added. Just like the network of diagonal streets of Burnham’s plan, this louver structure is also intended to connect and vitalize the disconnected spaces. The moving louvers interacts with the movement of citizens. It symbolizes the strategy towards the current imbalanced city. People fill in the gap between districts and create interactive culture.

design team: Donguk Agos Lee, Hancheol So, Hyunjeong Noh, Woojin Park, Sungwon Yoon